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Complete oral care solution for kids to maintain their beautiful smiles ever.

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05 May, 2024मुलांमध्ये वेदनारहित : Dr. Anil Patil, Dr. Aparna Patil, Childrens Dental Clinic, Sangli

मुलांमध्ये वेदनारहित दात उपचार, मुख- शस्त्रक्रियेसाठी नायट्रस ऑक्साइड (हॅपी गॅस) कॉन्शस सेडेशन N...

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07 Jun, 2021संपूर्ण भुलेखाली गति : Dr. Anil Patil, MDS Pediatric Dentist, Childrens Dental Clinic, Sangli

Total Dental Treatment of Special (Challenged) Children under General Anesthesia: A Neglect! संपू...

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01 Jun, 2021Accidental Tooth & : Dr. Anil Patil; M.D.S. Pediatric Dentist, Childrens Dental Clinic, Sangli

मुलांमध्ये दात आणि जबड्याच्या अपघाती दुखापती: प्रतिबंध आणि उपचार सर्व वयोगटासाठी शारीरिकदृष्ट्या ...

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Children Dental Care

Children’s Dental Clinic is modern, with advanced technology, equipments like Intraoral Camera, Multimedia Education, Radiography and General Anesthesia and Sedation Machines.

Interior and Kids Playing Area has been designed with fun consideration for kids. It provides Advanced Dental Treatment for Children to achieve Optimum Oral Care and Smile in Sangli.

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